Business Fibre A superior internet experience

High-speed, reliable internet is essential to business systems and processes

Dynacomm’s Fibre Internet Access Service provides customers with access to the Internet via global high-speed data networks, and is delivered directly to the customer’s premises using last-mile fibre connectivity.

All our fibre products give you the option to include a carrier grade VOIP circuit at a nominal cost. Your VOIP circuit will allow you to benefit from the cost savings offered by VOIP telephony instead of using the Telkom network. The capacity of your circuit will depend on the number of SIP lines you require, and is scalable up or down.

A resilient global IP backbone and Tier-1 peering partners allow us to deliver a superior Internet experience directly to you – our customer.

Flexible Bandwidth plans

25 Mbps up to 1 Gbps

Availability SLA

99.9% (Standard)


Unlimited data usage


12/24 Month Contract


No rate limiting of any protocols, ensures maximum usage at all times

Symmetrical Service

Upload & Download speeds are at chosen line rate


Low contention ratio ensures high speed even during peak times

IP Address

/29 for IPv4 (8 addresses) & /56 for IPv6 (virtually unlimited addresses)

We will beat any price for a comparative service

  • 5Mbps

  • N/A 12-Month
  • R2 000.00/m 24-Month
  • 10Mbps

  • N/A 12-Month
  • R3 824.70/m 24-Month
  • 15Mbps

  • N/A 12-Month
  • R6 395.40/m 24-Month
  • 25Mbps

  • R4 668.30/m 12-Month
  • R4 441.51/m 24-Month
  • 50Mbps

  • R7 002.45/m 12-Month
  • R6 667.51/m 24-Month
  • 100Mbps

  • R15 661.00/m 12-Month
  • R14 818.51/m 24-Month
  • 200Mbps

  • R24 897.60/m 12-Month
  • R23 710.51/m 24-Month
  • 1024Mbps

  • R115 335.16/m 12-Month
  • R106 229.76/m 24-Month

* All prices are VAT inclusive
FIA pricing is based on locations that fall within the DFA precinct.
Additional costs may apply to areas that fall outside the DFA precinct.
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Why choose us?

Uncapped, Unshaped bandwidth

Flexible bandwidth plans

Low contention 1:4

Rapid capacity upgrades

No FUP’s/AUP’s applicable to this service

Symmetrical service

Direct, high-speed
fibre-based internet service

Resilient meshed terrestrial
& subsea cable system backbone

Reliable and secure service backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements

Wireless Fibre

Dynacomm, via our partners, is able offer you various last mile options that are non-terrestrial. These can be of particular use in areas where there is a lack of physical infrastructure or no infrastructure at all.

Microwave links use licensed spectrums and are considered as reliable and stable as physical fibre links. Wireless links are available in any capacity up to 100mbps and are competitively priced.

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All fibre services are subject to the completion of a successful feasibility assessment.

Please register your interest below and we will conduct a free assessment based on your physical location and provide you with a quotation.

*Feasibility assessments can take between 12-36 hours to complete