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Frequently answered questions

In its simplest form a domain name is an Internet web site address. The actual address used by computers consists of numbers and is commonly known as an IP address, (eg. which is much harder to remember than

In the world of business, domain names are as common as contact details. If your business does not have a domain name you are losing potential customers who prefer finding products and services via the internet. A domain name is crucial for business identity and recognition. Domain names are assets, like “internet real estate”. By securing your domain name you are protecting your assets.

Domain names allow individuals to register unique names that identify and promote their efforts with regard to any specific cause or purpose they seek. Anyone, be they musicians, artists, authors, therapists or housewives, can use domain names to raise awareness around the things they are interested in or the work they are doing. You can secure your family name, develop a family web site and use it for the family to share ideas and stay in touch online. You can use your web site as you please.