Keep your business online

What happens when your connectivity fails?

Downtime can be extremely detrimental to any business that needs a constant, stable connection to the internet. Many systems are mission critical by nature and any system downtime usually results in direct, measurable revenue loss.

The prohibitive costs of guaranteed bandwidth on demand have made ADSL a popular choice for business and consumers due to its high speed and low cost. ADSL networks are often congested in South Africa due to their popularity, making them harder to manage and sometimes unreliable – this is what service providers refer to as offering a “best effort” service. These issues are further compounded by a dated, old generation national copper-based network, which is used to deliver the last mile connection of an ADSL service to you, the customer.

Businesses that require high speed, low cost reliable connectivity still need to ensure that periods of downtime on ADSL networks are buffered by an alternative form of connectivity. This is where failover can prove to be a most indispensable and cost effective service to have.

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Always On

Dynacomm uses intelligent switching solutions that allow our customers’ networks to automatically switch between different types of connectivity, ranging from mobile data to spectrum-licensed micro wave links, thereby maintaining and ensuring the continuity and robustness of your connectivity to your online systems. Our failover solutions greatly reduce and, in most cases, completely eliminate downtime instances to your online resources.

Flexible Options

Our vendor agnostic failover solutions allow for a variety of options that can be selected based on your specific requirements.

Fully Managed & Supported

Ultra-fast search engine enables you to accurately and efficiently search through years of stored email data.

Comply with email legislation

There is no need for employees to waste time looking for old emails. Users can find the emails they are looking for at the click of a button.

Rapid deployment can also be useful when provisioning fibre based services which can take some time to provision. Rapid deployment allows for the installation of licensed microwave links as a temporary solution, whilst waiting for your fibre to be provisioned. Once your fibre is installed, the microwave link will be removed or you have the option reduce its capacity and keep it as a failover link.

If uptime is critical to your business and you would like to safeguard against costly downtime instances, feel free to fill out our online form and we will gladly assist in fulfilling your requirements.