Networking and Wireless High quality. Powerful. Cost-effective.

At Dynacomm, we provide professional installation services which include conventional and structured cabling solutions, fibre optic and wireless equipment.

Wireless Networks

Dynacomm offers a range of high quality, powerful and cost effective wireless networking solutions for voice, data and multi-media communications.

Wireless networks have become much faster and safer in their evolution, making them a more practical and feasible alternatives to fixed line networks. Wireless networks are an affordable way to connect multiple sites that are within close proximity to each other. Wireless links can be effective up to 40kms provided there is clear line of sight.

Wireless for buildings

Delivery of many useful services such as data and voice, surveillance, internet access, access control, video on demand and other music/video streaming services.

Wireless for business units

Wireless infrastructure installed in your building allows you to connect your close proximity buildings with cost-effective, high speed, secure wireless links.

Point to point links

Allow you to connect to another point over a high speed wireless link up to 40kms away.

Point to multipoint links

Allows you to connect multiple points over high speed wireless links up to 40kms away.

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Cabled Networks

Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a, 10G copper structured cabling

Connectivity testing and certification

Fibre optic installation, termination and OTDR testing

Route building for all structured cabling types

25-year guarantee on all certified networks